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In honor of National Literature Month, we are holding a Paperback Marathon! In this marathon, we will be making websites related to any storytelling medium. In the words of fellow staff member Sofia:

Though many of us love them, there are very few fansites online dedicated to written mediums. People are more likely to shrine characters they can access from their video game consoles and televisions. Because of this, some really great characters and series are overlooked online, despite how much we love them. We hope to pay tribute to some of them with this year's Winter marathon at Amassment. We want to see more tributes to Paperback fandoms! With this marathon, challenge yourself to make sites to subjects from books, comics, and mangas.


  1. We are looking for shrines from written mediums. This includes, but may not be limited to, books, comics, mangas, and visual novels. If you have an idea of something you'd like to shrine that isn't from one of those, feel free to ask about it here.

  2. You may shrine a book, an entire series, a character from a book or series, a relationship, or many other things. As long as your subject comes from a written medium, the sky is the limit.

  3. If your subject is from a written and non-written medium (Example: character from a manga that has also been made into an anime), we ask that you focus on the written medium. You can of course mention and cover the other medium, but the written medium should be of focus.

  4. Once you have finished your shrine check out the Submission post (you will find it online within a month or so), all you need is a 100*35 button and a link to your completed shrine. Remember that until the Reveal post is up you cannot plug your shrine in the main community (private conversations or personal journals/social sites are fine, though). Also keep in mind that several banners to link back this marathon will be provided in the aforementioned Submission post.

  5. Any subject change, time extension or drop-out must be promptly communicated to the Events teams!

  6. And as last rule we say…HAVE FUN and spread the comic/manga/book love :)


Feel free to visit the forum thread for more information. Sign-ups should be PMed to either Todd or Sofia. However, if you'd like, you can sign-up on this LiveJournal post as well. Comments will be screened.

Sign-up period: October 10, 2012 - October 31, 2012
Marathon period: November 1, 2012 - February 1, 2013
Staffers in charge of sign-ups: Todd, Sofia
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