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01 June 2016 @ 06:17 pm
Hi guys, just in case people still visit our old LJ community, this is a notice that our community center is no longer at LJ.

Our main community site is located at http://amassment.org

And our Forums (where most of our activities and social aspects are) is located at http://board.amassment.org

The LJ community here will only serve as an archive of our old community activities, and no new posts will be made.

Thank you.
25 January 2013 @ 06:15 pm
As some of you may know, Amy Marie (alexielnet) of alexiel.net, a member of our community, was suddenly diagnosed with adrenal cancer since the middle of last year. It was a rare type of cancer that spread to her lungs and had a 25-35% survival rate. It was shocking to see this happen so suddenly to a woman who had a lot to live for, like continuing her studies of Chinese. The 8th of this month would have been her birthday.

Not too long ago she bid us farewell on the forums, and for those who are wondering what happened to her, I'm afraid I have terrible news to give: she died on November 30, 2012 at 3:15 PM. Amy's family has decided to leave her domain alexiel.net up.

I'd like to thank Amy for all that she has done for this community and my condolences go to her loved ones. It hurts to see her life cut so tragically short. Amy was a very kind woman who was more than an inspiration to many, a longtime shrine maker, and a frequent participant of our events: she was also very understanding, creative, and determined. She was made Member of the Month of August 2011 for her contributions.

Thank you and goodbye, Amy. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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18 October 2012 @ 08:51 pm
Hello my dear LJ Amassment members!! :) I'm here to announce the winner for October~! :) This month's theme is "literature."


...under the cut!Collapse )
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05 September 2012 @ 12:21 am
Shrine Spotlight, also known as Site of the Month (SOTM), has been moved to Amassment.Org! The concept is still the same: Each month our community picks an outstanding shrine or fansite to promote based on a volunteer's selection from member submissions. This fansite will be featured at the Directory's Shrine Spotlight page and the Forum's Shrine Spotlight subforum.

New Nomination System
To nominate a fansite for the award, simply fill out the [Site of the Month Nomination Form] at the directory, one form for each shrine nomination. Once you have made a nomination, it will be placed in our nominations queue, and you need not nominate the same shrine again. Your nomination will be removed from the queue only when that shrine has been selected for Shrine Spotlight.

Rewards and Perks
The owner of the Shrine Spotlight fansite will receive the customary promotion, award image, and permanent place on the Winners List. Volunteers will receive forum coins each time they participate in choosing the featured shrine. Nominators will receive coins for each nomination submitted, and additional coins if their nomination wins, so write your reasons for nomination well!

Look out for additional rewards for Shrine Spotlight participation in the future. Thank you for continuing to acknowledge and celebrate these outstanding fansites. Now go nominate your favorite shrines!
31 August 2012 @ 07:43 pm
Hello guys! Finally, it's time to reveal August's SOTM! :D Apologies for the delay!

Thanks a lot to the people who nominated the shrines, namely Mikari, Vii and Saya.

So, without further ado, I present you Amassment's August 2012 SOTM!

And the winner is...Collapse )
24 August 2012 @ 08:31 am

Greetings Amassment members,

You may have noticed the incredible drop in activity here, this is because we were making the transition to our own domain and forums! This move is for the best, for the past few weeks we have been testing and getting the forums up and running smoothly. It's been great! So now we are inviting you to make this move with us to board.amassment.org! All events, sotm, motm, and posts are now at the forums. Join us this weekend for the party and get a special badge for your collection a the forum!

Livejournal has been very unreliable and for most of us here (myself included) we keep LJ accounts just to keep up with amassment or other communities. We feel this transition is for the best!

Also, you will notice Amassment.org is now up! For those of you who have been in the community for a while know that this has been a long term project and we are excited to unveil it. Everything amassment related will now be at this domain. We hope you will be joining in this new chapter with us!

21 August 2012 @ 01:32 am
this is kinda a continuation of my introdution this was my first post

ok, i was going to wait until all the content was complete before posting this, but after reading chapter 597 i just have to post it now because i'm seriously worried about the ObiTobi theory right now (you can read about it there) after all these years of believing it true, if it really is i'm gonna cry :(

all content has been updated, the only place really unfinished is the Gaiden summary and the multimedia section

please tell me what you think of the new layout and the new updated content ^_^ also, which of the below banners do you think should be the main link banner?

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04 August 2012 @ 09:50 pm
Hello everyone! I'm Amanda, and I'm a huge fan of Amassment and its members. The web design and content of the sites listed here are exemplary; you guys have done a fantastic job creating interesting and aesthetically appealing sites, and I'm truly impressed.

I've been web designing for a number of years, and I use to make websites about anything simply so I could practice my design and coding skills. My sites inclue Angel (a shrine to Yuna of FFX), Songstress (a shrine to Lenne of FFX-2), and Dearly Beloved (a past-layout archive).

Okay, so about me? Like I said, my name is Amanda, I'm 23, a college student on my way to becoming a high school English-lit teacher, and I've dabble and practiced web design for almost ten years. This account is used for my website updates; my account where I post icons/personal journal entries is magikarp27.

I suppose that wraps it up. I can't wait to actively participate in the community, and to explore any new sites that come along the way. Take care!
Chibi (chibichan) of Eternal-Wings.net will be selecting SOTM this month.

Please submit your nominations for this month's Site of the Month award! Anyone is free to nominate any shrine. Nominators do not have to be an active members; sites do not have to be listed in Amassment to be chosen. Nominate one, nominate two, nominate multiple times! We encourage plenty of nominations to choose from! If you're not sure what sites to nominate, we do have the directory or the community sidebar for your convenience.

Some pointers for nominationsCollapse )

Nominations will close on the 15th of this month at midnight PST, so please be sure to nominate a wonderful, deserving site before then!

Please use this form to nominate a site for SotM. Post your nomination as a comment in this entry. Comments are hidden. You can also email me your nominations.

This will be the LAST SOTM before the opening of our Amassment's domain and forums. Starting September, nominations will no longer be taken at Livejournal. There will be a new one-time nomination system where individuals submit their nominations via a form at Amassment.org. In addition to this improvement, there will also be a new forum-based rewards system for sotm participants and winners.
31 July 2012 @ 08:26 pm
Hi there. I've actually been following this group for awhile, but not via my LJ account (read: I was too shy to join, and I spent half of my time on Tumblr). I'm hoping joining will enable me to get off my lazy rear and finish up half of my shrines I started. :)

I'm Aa-chan, 28, Hispanic, Pharmacy Tech by day, and website designer by night. I own nintendo-princess.us (and sandmoth-pheer.net, white-mage.net, and stardustdrops.com), and adore the hell out of Final Fantasy IV. It was one of the first games I played by myself as Final Fantasy II for the SNES ala North American release. :)

...Am I showing my age yet? Hoo, boy. ^^;

Anyway, with my fondness for FFIV, I do have a couple of fanshrines: Melodic Solace, and Twin. 'MelSol' is a fanshrine to Edward (or Gilbert) and Anna (mah babeh), and 'Twin' is... Yeah, you guessed it: a shrine to Palom and Porom. ( Twin is in the infantile stages right now, so pardon the broken links... ^^;;; )

I feel kinda inferior, though. I notice a lot of you use PHP while I use ye ol' HTML/CSS/DIVs. @_@; Heh... I hope I can learn PHP one day too. :)

Uhm... I used to own mysidia.nu, but I let it expire 'cause I got married. >>; Funny thing is, now I'm divorced and have a lot more time to dedicate to shrine work. Go me. D:

Nice to meet you all! ♥
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We're drawing close to the end of the month, so it's almost time for the results of our one-pagers. Please fill out this form below and paste your answers to a new comment to this entry.

All comments are screened.

Please note that we allowing people to submit shrines for our next round of One-Pagers for the interval of August-September. Read the forum post for more information.
Minor Character Marathon

Hey all! The Minor Character Fansite Marathon is officially coming to a close. Thanks to everyone for your support, whether you were able to finish a site or not. Nine amazing shrines were made during this event to characters many overlook. I hope you all enjoy browsing them!

Way Cool Moonless Rock Steady
Requiem Cyber Punk Dragonheart
Guardian God Likes to Play Soccer Full of Grace

To those who weren't able to finish in time -- we will accept late submissions. If you're working on your site, keep going, and let us know when you're done.

To One Page Shrine Marathon participants, keep working! August is fast approaching!
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22 July 2012 @ 01:52 pm
Can you spare a couple hours to make a fellow shrine maker happy? If so, you should volunteer to select the winner of our monthly Site of the Month Award!

To volunteer, submit your contact info and availability at the SOTM Communications Post, located on the top-right sidebar of our community. Former volunteers do not need to resubmit your information; this is merely a reminder for people who may not know where to go.

After the official opening of Amassment.org, Site of the Month will be renamed and relocated to the domain and forums. This revamp includes a new nomination system that will be easier for everyone involved. One thing that will not change is the importance of community members in the recognition process. Your nominations and your winning selections are the essential elements of the Site of the Month Award.

As always, if you have any thoughts you prefer not to discuss on Livejournal, feel free to email me at ava@amassment.org . 
17 July 2012 @ 08:40 am
When I got the mail full of links with really great shrines, I was for a moment scared, but then, I mean, every shrine that was nominated is really great and has stuff to give, I find them all beautiful, but there was place for just one winner for the Month of July.

First of all than you all of you who took your time and nominated the shrines: Aku, Destinie, Mikari, Todd, Varen, Vii. I loved all the nominations, believe me.

Now,.... let's go down to business...

And the winner for July SOTM is....Collapse )
16 July 2012 @ 09:13 pm
Hello everyone! We would like to invite you guys to have early access to one of our biggest new developments, our revamped forums! Our domain and forums are where we expect most of Amassment's activity to occur in the future, so we encourage everyone to register! While we plan to finish up the current events and SOTM at our Livejournal community, we expect all of our future activities and most of our future discussions to occur at Amassment.org. An official launch date will be set in the near future, and you all can join us for our grand opening party. For now, though, feel free to join the forums and start posting!

Why are we leaving Livejournal?

Well, we're not really leaving Livejournal. Amassment @ Livejournal will still be up and running. It just will be a small part of Amassment, though, and will no longer the main part of the community. Let's face it: less and less people use Livejournal everyday. It's become unreliable as of late, and when it is up, it's dead. Many of our members have told us they've only hung on to their Livejournals to continue being apart of Amassment, and some of our members have already left Livejournal altogether. We're excited about Amassment.org because people won't have to have a Livejournal to be part of Amassment anymore. Imagine how many new people we can reach out to.

How are these forums different from our last one?

When we launched our first set of forums a few years ago, we did so because members were asking for a place they could interact with each other and discuss things that didn't relate to shrines. We prohibited shrine discussion on those forums, because we wanted to keep Amassment @ Livejournal active. It was more of a place of fun. At that time, that was the best decision.

Now, though, with Livejournal dying, and so many shrinemakers not using Livejournal, it makes sense to have a domain as our central base, and use forums as a way for our members to participate at Amassment. Shrine discussion isn't just allowed at these new forums; it's encouraged. We of course have fandom and fun boards set up, too, and an Events and SOTM board will eventually be set up for our activities.

Our forums allow us to separate our content as well, so we can discuss and help webmasters with all parts of shrining – from content like we've previously been focused, and now to design! That's right, we have a board set up for you to post and beta your designs and graphics without annoying people who are more content-focused.

One last thing...

There's a significant new part of Amassment we haven't talked about yet. We've opened a Marketplace. Posting at Amassment's forums, participating in our events, and volunteering for SOTM or other activities will now earn you coins. More on that is discussed at the forums, but basically, you guys can purchase badges and other things to show off, and you can even open your own shops to offer graphics and other web services.

You'll want to join quickly because the first 10 non-staffer members who join the forums will receive 10 coins as a head start. :)

Now onto the forums!

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