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July Non-Animanga SOTM!

Hey guys, it's me again! (One of these days, I'll make a proper introduction post...) It's been a privilege to pick this month's non-animanga SOTM -- it was a little hard this month, since there were so many hard choices to choose from! But in the end, it came down to......

Roses Have Thorns
Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

Those who know me know that I don't have enough money to buy a PS3 at the moment, much less play Final Fantasy XIII. However, that hasn't stopped me from spoiling myself silly at Ava's impressive Lightning site; once I started reading it, I wasn't able to stop. The "Musings" section was particularly fun to read -- contained within multiple essays are Ava's take on Lightning's relationships, subtexts within the actual game, and even a hilarious section on what could possibly be known in the future as "Ava's FFXIII Drinking Game." (Sounds fun. AMASSMENT EVENT? Just kidding.)

The appearance of new Final Fantasy sites have been wavering off lately, so Roses Have Thorns is kind of like a breath of fresh air: it's engaging, well-put together, and fun. Congrats, Ava! (P.S. I'm definitely now excited to see what you've been/will be putting together for your Rinoa site! :p)

Nominator: Josephine
Reason: Methinks this was a cleverly put together website. Besides its conventional sections, the reads are fascinating and written in a succint and illustrative manner. Clearly there was a lot of research put into this as Ava does refer to outside sources such as press conferences (would've liked some citations though!). I also enjoyed the little extra sections, like the drinking game. Would be fun to try out. :D
Tags: !sotm, !winners
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