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October Animanga SOTM

Hello, everyone! Jae here. It's been a while, and I thank the mods for allowing me the privilege in selecting this month's Site of the Month. It was a lovely experience to browse fansites I hadn't seen before, and choosing just one was tough. Without further ado, the October Animanga Site of the Month is . . .

Raison d'Etre
Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee, D.Gray-man

Ren has crafted a beautiful shrine not to a single character, but to the relationship between Allen and Lenalee. Starting from Strangers, Raison d'Etre lays out the profiles of Allen and Lenalee, then follows their growing relationship with the series' progress (thought not necessarily chronologically). Each section and the sub-sections within are highly informative, yet remain friendly to readers unfamiliar with D.Gray-man by providing a glossary and definitions as necessary. A better, overall understanding is achieved with plenty of quotations and images directly from the manga as well.

What I personally like about Raison d'Etre is the almost detached manner Ren has approached Allen and Lenalee's relationship -- as a "united couple," rather than as a type we often perceive to be "lovers." Boatload of facts and in-depth analysis aside, Ren also provides her own take on the relationship between these two characters in an engaging style.

As someone unfamiliar with the series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through Raison d'Etre and viewing the entertainment section. There's a lot to see, which is in my opinion impressive for a fansite solely devoted to a relationship. One thing's for sure: This fansite is definitely a treat for D.Gray-man fans.

Varen says: Ren's beautiful site to Lenalee and Allen Walker is pretty for the encyclopedia for fans. It goes into a fully in-depth analysis, not simply on events, but by the phases in their relationship, fully exemplifying it's growth and dynamics. And for nitpicky people like me, she's also sourced her information and provided nifty manga images to illustrate her thoughts and feelings. Aside from all the heavy text of information, this site has a collections of media to treat the fans.
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