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January 2011 non-animanga SOTM

Guys and gals! How's everyone doing? This is dubiousdisc here, presenting the SOTM for the non-animanga category. Before announcing the winner, I'd like to thank the mods and everyone involved in this event - the communication was super smooth and the nominees were all top-notch. Picking one shrine was no easy task.

Raine Sage - Tales of Symphonia

Okay, I'll admit it - somehow, this site escaped my radar up until now, and now that I'm done reading it I feel like I have been missing out. Michelle's amazing writing style sucked me in after a few paragraphs, and even though I'm not familiar at all with the character, I wanted to read more and more about her, and man, was my thirst quenched! That place is huge! If what makes a shrine great is the effort which was put into its making, this has to be cream of the crop material. What I especially like about Ruin is how varied the content is - the essays are strong, but there's also a sizeable amount of in-game info, suggestions on how to play the character, and an excellent media gallery. Even within the essays, there are tone shifts between serious parts and lighter ones, and yet the writing manages to be captivating in both directions. I completely agree with Destinie's comment about this site being an inspiration for the rest of us.

Destinie's words - "Ruin" is a huge inspirational site for me! When I was first getting back into making shrines, I was so happy to see sites for one of my favorite Video Games ever. Michelle's collective of Tales of...sites have impressed me but none so much as "Ruin". She eloquently and clearly represents Raine/Refill and also gives the reader a lot of insight to the character and background information. This site is one of the sites that had pushed me in my shrine-making to make a better and more entertaining site!

So! Congrats again, Michelle!
Also, enjoy your complimentary illustration from yours truly!
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