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Non-Animanga SoTM winner for March

I'd like to take a minute to thank those who nominated this month as well as encourage everyone to take at least a minute to nominate a site that they like for Site of the Month. You never know, someone could be nominating your site! Why not return the favor? ;)

Without further ado, I am very pleased to present the following shrine as this month's non-animanga winner:

Count the Stars

Kratos of Tales of Symphonia

This site was nominated by Ava who said: "Right from the first page, the owner sets a tone of regality and mystique. A very comprehensive Tales shrine that provides thoughtful analysis of Kratos' mind and enough media to satisfy any fan. I think most notable is that the owner included a Game section. A big part of a game character is the personal connection that is built as you interact with, fight with, customize, and just do things with the character. That also means that there are a lot of ingame stats and tips that players want to lookup regarding a character. It's great that the owner created this shrine with both the story-loving visitor and the gameplay-loving visitor in mind."

I wanted to choose "Count the Stars" as this month's Non-Animanga SoTM for a number of reasons: I really like the content of the shrine. I feel like it's a great example of a shrine + fanlisting where content overrules flashy design and number of fans added. I feel that the focus of the site is clear and definitely goes to show the owner's intense affinity with the character. The great organization of content and the amount of content. It's well presented in a great format and after reading, you have a real feel for what the owner is trying to convey along with the knowledge of the character and series. There's a well-executed separation between analysis and game-guide information, (most notably the romance section) also making the site very useful for anyone interested in playing the game. Finally, Samantha's site really evokes a kind of emotion in it. Whether it be her attraction to the character or the kind of tragic character that Kratos is portrayed as, I get a great sense of emotion after visiting, and I think that's really important when creating a great shrine.

Congratulations, Samantha!
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