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One Page, One Month 2011 Reveal

One Page, One Month

It's time to reveal the shrines submitted in this year's one page marathon! Here are the 17 new shrines created this summer:

Aku Amy Anise Crystal
Elysa Isa Jae Kibumie
Lucas Ren Samantha Sarah
Saya Selena Sofia Todd Vanessa

Thank you to everyone who participated! You guys have created some awesome shrines and should really be proud of yourselves. Most of all, I hope you all had fun. To those who had to drop out or couldn't finish in time, keep working on your sites! We'd love to see them pop up at the community days, weeks, or months down the road.

Although this marathon has come to a close, it will be back next summer! Ava and Juhi also have a marathon planned. Look out for that soon!
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