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August 2011 SOTM

Hello Amassment crew! Varen has selected me to choose and announce Site of the Month for August 2011. Seeing the shrines nominated was a reminder of the wealth of tributes available in this community's network. This month's member is receiving their first Amassment SOTM and it's for...

Cheryl Heather Mason, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
by Lucas (
[info]cold_voice )

Survival horror scares the bejeezus out of me. I can't even endure scary movie commercials, let alone play any of the Silent Hill games. Nevertheless, one nominator made such a convincing argument that I was obliged to jump over this bias and discover a shrine that is thoughtfully enjoyable for both hardy SH adventurers and scaredy cats alike.

The key is in the composition. The shrine is chopped up into numerous small pages, each representing a distinct and easily digestible block of information, which is then grouped by stages of this character's life. In this way, there is a chronological sequence of the content, but each visitor could take a variety of paths through the navigation grid and end up with a good understanding of the subject. The nominator describes it perfectly by stating that each section is like a small puzzle piece that the reader puts together to have a complete picture at the end. Sleepwalk has the reader actively think to piece together the story, while still making the absorption of the information smooth.

Lastly, since the game this shrine focuses on is the re-imagination of the first game in the series, it's almost natural that a visitor would continue to read more about Silent Hill series after finishing up all the content at Sleepwalk. The owner has created a shrine that is informative alone, yet also furthers a bigger cause by indirectly peaking their curiosity for the rest of the franchise.

The words of the nominator, Dubiousdisc:
"The Silent Hill series is ripe with symbolisms and non-linear characters and plotlines, and it's anything but easy to make justice to its depth. Lucas' tribute to the Cheryl of Shattered Memories manages to put all the pieces into place and paint a complete portrait of one of the most complex characters in the series. There is much to say about her and it would have been very easy to step into a teal deer trap, but Lucas avoides it gracefully by splitting the site in a large number of shorter pages which appear in the navigation as a stream of consciousness of Cheryl's main themes. Much like the game itself, each page acts like a piece of a puzzle which may not seem quite easy to understand at first, but as you keep reading and drawing the connections you realize that each page contributes to the final, perfectly neat picture of the character. I also can't help but notice the masterful paragraphing of each page - the pictures communicate with the text and the text is just the right length to fit with each picture. Sleepwalk has been under revamp for such a long time, and now that it's finally finished it deserves to shine!"

Congrats to this month's SOTM! And thank you to the rest of this month's nominators - Destinie, Mikari, & Saya - for highlighting some great shrines!
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