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Amassment: You Talk, We Listen!

Hello Amassment Members! I'd like to introduce to you our new segment entitled You Talk, We Listen. It's time for you to post whatever you feel like about Amassment! Do you have ideas for new events? Great, tell us! Do you just want to tell us what a great job we're doing? Awesome! Or do you want to tell us what problems and complaints you have? That is great, too! What can we improve or what can we keep doing? This is the time to tell us what is on your mind!

Amassment is only as successful as the people who are here and who want to be active in the community, which is why hearing what you have to say is incredibly important to us. If you don't want to post here, that's fine, you can contact any of us via email, AIM, LJ, and most recently DreamWidth. Todd, Masao, Daphne, Varen, Ava and I all appreciate what you have to say about the community.

How it works

♥ All comments are screened for your privacy. (We can unscreen them at your request if it's something you want to share with everyone.)

♥ I've split up the comments into categories to keep things organized. Please reply on the comment that best suits what you want to say.

♥ Post as much as you want! Go hog-wild!

♥ If you have something to stay and don't want to post it here, then contact us personally! Our information is available on the Directory.
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