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March SOTM

Hi all! I was invited by Ava to select the March SOTM. As always, the choice was not easy, and I enjoyed reading and reviewing the nominations submitted by Destinie, Ava, Mikari, and Saya. But in the end...

Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

Every character shrine is a labour of love, but now and then you find one that represents so thoroughly bottom-up, inside-out the efforts of its creator, that it's kind of staggering. Fullmetal is one such shrine. As Kimbumie puts it humbly on the Credits page, " In general, I pretty much did all the content from the text to the layout, 3d gears, screencaps, mood icons, emoticons, and etc."

The layout is unique and appealing, capturing the aesthetic of the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise and presenting a clear, original portrait of the franchise protagonist and shrine's subject, Edward Elric. It's easy to get around thanks to the top and right-hand menus and page descriptions, and one can go deeper into the pages without becoming overwhelmed. The Fanlisting and Guestbook sections, respectively, allow the site to feel contemporary but also nod to the "old school."

The Information section is delightful to read and accessible, whether you are new to the series or a longtime fan. I especially like His Story, which is not a straightforward events summary. Rather, the section explores ten aspects of Edward's character, drawing on Kimbumie's knowledge of the story, and adding quotes and images. These articles, and all those within Fullmetal, have that sweet, seamless mix of fact and opinion you find in the best shrines. The insights about the series and character are striking but seem to resonate with truth.

The Multimedia section offers many screencaps and scans, plus LJ icons, mood themes, and fan work. I particularly enjoy the mood themes, since I haven't seen such a thing offered elsewhere, and Edward's face can indeed convey 79 different moods.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a widely-viewed and well-loved series, yet Fullmetal will easily inspire new and further appreciation of the franchise and its lead character. Unlike Edward Fullmetal never comes up short.

It's pretty clear from Destinie and Aku's nominations that the shrine inspires great enthusiasm.

Destinie Says: " Fullmetal is a really full tribute done by Kibume. Fullmetal Alchemist is an enchanting series with a lot of great, colorful characters. I love Kibume's tribute because it is evident that she loves Ed by the amount of time and effort she put into her site. I love how she not only elegantly outlines the series, but she has really put a lot of depth into discussing Ed. She has great sections going into depth of his character, his history, and people he interacts with, letting the visitors get a great and in-depth feel for the character. It has pretty much everything you need to know about the character in an entertaining presentation. "

Aku Says: " Kibumie's built her shrine "Fullmetal" from the ground up: from the content, to the layout, to the artwork of Edward itself, her dedication and love for Edward Elric truly shines through. I know next to nothing about FMA (except that Kibumie loves a blonde haired character named Edward), but her shrine provides a wonderful introductory section (complete with a glossary!) as well as her opinions on why the series is great. From there, she delves into more factual & conceptually written sections on Edward and the different traits that create his character. From his funny drawings to his background as a child, this shrine is by no means small on information or analysis. (No short joke intended!) Kibumie does an excellent job of painting both the light-hearted and darker sides of Edward, and I think what I enjoy most about her shrine is that it seems to teach the lesson which Edward's character taught her: mistakes or conflicts we face in our past help us become stronger in the future. On top of all this, Fullmetal boasts a large media section (full of goodies which Kibumie has capped, scanned and made herself), and then even kicks it old school with a Guestbook! I really loved my visit to Fullmetal, and if you haven't already visited this shrine, then I'm sure you will too!"
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