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One Page, One Month

A lot of us have been rather busy lately in real life, so our shrine productivity has been (reasonably) put aside. With the summer break approaching, why not take some time to get back in the fansite mood, and maybe even try to accomplish one of your New Year's Resolution? And what better opportunity than the One Page, One Month marathon!

All sites should be completed by July 31st. Until then, you are free to sign up whenever you want. There are no time limit for sign ups.

  1. The main goal is to create a one page fansite. You are free to be creative with that choice, but generally, there should be no seperate pages.
  2. Any subject will be accepted.
  3. If you are converting a fanlisting, you must use a separate URL for your fansite. For example, instead of making a page like, try using Feel free to merge them after the event is over.
  4. If you decide to change your mind on the subject, or if you feel that you need more time or wish to drop out, please contact any of the Event Staff as soon as possible!
  5. When you are finished, please create a 200x40 banner for your fansite and include a link to your completed site and the banner in the Submissions post (which would be up in a month or so).
  6. Also, please refrain from plugging your site until after the marathon is finished! You are free of course to plug in your personal journals/social networking sites or in private conversations with your friends, just not in the main community. We like surprises!
  7. Have fun! (Yes, that's a rule.)

Minor Character Marathon Participants: Feel free to participate in both marathons, as one pagers shouldn't take too much of your time. Just determine whether you are willing to do both before signing up.

Sign Up Form
All posts will be screened, so only the mods would be able to see your posts. Please fill out all the required data below:

Should you have any concerns, questions, or general comments, please direct an email to one of our Event Staff below:
  • Todd: todd[AT]amassment{DOT}org
  • Varen: varen[AT]iris-noire{DOT}org
  • Juhi: supersecretmagus[AT]gmail{DOT}com
  • Sofia: feathercut[AT]gmail{DOT}com
  • Chibi: banzaychibichan[AT]gmail{DOT}com

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