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June 2012 Site of the Month.

Lookie what we've got here! Another site of the month.

Ace of Hearts
(Kaitou Ace, Codename wa Sailor V)

Ace of Hearts is a pretty flippin' sweet site dedicated to Kaitou Ace from Codename wa Sailor V. It's got a clean, easy-on-eyes layout, your basic outline describing who Kaitou Ace is, and some thought-provoking reads about the nature of his role and symbols he's associated with. What makes this site so unconventionally jaw-dropping, however, is how Kotono highlights all facets of Ace from the identities he's connected to. You'll see her describe who Ace is as an idol, a love interest, an enemy, and so on!

Saya says: This is a shrine that has all of my love. This shrine is well made dedicated to what I would call minor character in the whole series, even if he is the "villain" of Sailor V. I love how Kotono introduces him to us. I love how she fractures the information to help reading easy. Another thing that is good here aside the writing which is simple and nderstandable is the graphics which are beautiful but still not complicated giving the first place to the content.

Nominators this month are Destinie, Saya, Mikari, and Varen. You, too, can be one if you spend a couple of minutes picking out a site you like and telling us why it should be Site of the Month!
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