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Early Access

Hello everyone! We would like to invite you guys to have early access to one of our biggest new developments, our revamped forums! Our domain and forums are where we expect most of Amassment's activity to occur in the future, so we encourage everyone to register! While we plan to finish up the current events and SOTM at our Livejournal community, we expect all of our future activities and most of our future discussions to occur at An official launch date will be set in the near future, and you all can join us for our grand opening party. For now, though, feel free to join the forums and start posting!

Why are we leaving Livejournal?

Well, we're not really leaving Livejournal. Amassment @ Livejournal will still be up and running. It just will be a small part of Amassment, though, and will no longer the main part of the community. Let's face it: less and less people use Livejournal everyday. It's become unreliable as of late, and when it is up, it's dead. Many of our members have told us they've only hung on to their Livejournals to continue being apart of Amassment, and some of our members have already left Livejournal altogether. We're excited about because people won't have to have a Livejournal to be part of Amassment anymore. Imagine how many new people we can reach out to.

How are these forums different from our last one?

When we launched our first set of forums a few years ago, we did so because members were asking for a place they could interact with each other and discuss things that didn't relate to shrines. We prohibited shrine discussion on those forums, because we wanted to keep Amassment @ Livejournal active. It was more of a place of fun. At that time, that was the best decision.

Now, though, with Livejournal dying, and so many shrinemakers not using Livejournal, it makes sense to have a domain as our central base, and use forums as a way for our members to participate at Amassment. Shrine discussion isn't just allowed at these new forums; it's encouraged. We of course have fandom and fun boards set up, too, and an Events and SOTM board will eventually be set up for our activities.

Our forums allow us to separate our content as well, so we can discuss and help webmasters with all parts of shrining – from content like we've previously been focused, and now to design! That's right, we have a board set up for you to post and beta your designs and graphics without annoying people who are more content-focused.

One last thing...

There's a significant new part of Amassment we haven't talked about yet. We've opened a Marketplace. Posting at Amassment's forums, participating in our events, and volunteering for SOTM or other activities will now earn you coins. More on that is discussed at the forums, but basically, you guys can purchase badges and other things to show off, and you can even open your own shops to offer graphics and other web services.

You'll want to join quickly because the first 10 non-staffer members who join the forums will receive 10 coins as a head start. :)

Now onto the forums!
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