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July 2012 Site of the Month.

When I got the mail full of links with really great shrines, I was for a moment scared, but then, I mean, every shrine that was nominated is really great and has stuff to give, I find them all beautiful, but there was place for just one winner for the Month of July.

First of all than you all of you who took your time and nominated the shrines: Aku, Destinie, Mikari, Todd, Varen, Vii. I loved all the nominations, believe me.

Now,.... let's go down to business...

Tidus - Final Fantasy X

Let's start with what made me choose this site, with all the shrines that were nominated (believe me there were a lot of them) - but this one shows the love for the subject, the care for the shrine. I love how Todd introduces the readers to FFX (I personally never played this one), and then how he fragmentates the information about Tidus to show everything about him. Another great thing is the way Todd writes, it's not difficult to read and it's easy to understand what he wants to say. It' quite refreshing to read, and what I really love the most is how Todd manages to analyse every bit of the character... Tidus.

Mikari: This is another of my favorite shrines on the net. A lot of time and thought has clearly been put into it, with detailed analysis of Tidus from Final Fantasy X and its sequel, along with a personal touch in the enjoyable writing and media. It's one of those sites that's always fun to go back to.

Destinie: Poltergeist is a shrine that I have been visiting to many years and have re-read several times. All of Todd's shrines stand out to me because they are all written and tended to with care. The reason I have come to really appreciate this shrine is because of its uniqueness. Todd doesn't just present the character to us in an informational fashion, instead, he talks about Tidus as though he was a real person with conflicts, emotions, and true personality. Todd shares his affections with this character also by pouring out himself in the shrine, comparing his life with Tidus's, and the entire shrine explains why he feels so strongly for the character. It's unique and it pulls at your heartstrings, this shrine is less of a site and more of a personal memoir. I think Poltergeist is one that everyone should visit and re-read several times over.
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