Ava (newtype) wrote in amassment,

Call for Volunteers (SOTM)!

Can you spare a couple hours to make a fellow shrine maker happy? If so, you should volunteer to select the winner of our monthly Site of the Month Award!

To volunteer, submit your contact info and availability at the SOTM Communications Post, located on the top-right sidebar of our community. Former volunteers do not need to resubmit your information; this is merely a reminder for people who may not know where to go.

After the official opening of Amassment.org, Site of the Month will be renamed and relocated to the domain and forums. This revamp includes a new nomination system that will be easier for everyone involved. One thing that will not change is the importance of community members in the recognition process. Your nominations and your winning selections are the essential elements of the Site of the Month Award.

As always, if you have any thoughts you prefer not to discuss on Livejournal, feel free to email me at ava@amassment.org . 
Tags: !sotm
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