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Hi there. I've actually been following this group for awhile, but not via my LJ account (read: I was too shy to join, and I spent half of my time on Tumblr). I'm hoping joining will enable me to get off my lazy rear and finish up half of my shrines I started. :)

I'm Aa-chan, 28, Hispanic, Pharmacy Tech by day, and website designer by night. I own (and,, and, and adore the hell out of Final Fantasy IV. It was one of the first games I played by myself as Final Fantasy II for the SNES ala North American release. :)

...Am I showing my age yet? Hoo, boy. ^^;

Anyway, with my fondness for FFIV, I do have a couple of fanshrines: Melodic Solace, and Twin. 'MelSol' is a fanshrine to Edward (or Gilbert) and Anna (mah babeh), and 'Twin' is... Yeah, you guessed it: a shrine to Palom and Porom. ( Twin is in the infantile stages right now, so pardon the broken links... ^^;;; )

I feel kinda inferior, though. I notice a lot of you use PHP while I use ye ol' HTML/CSS/DIVs. @_@; Heh... I hope I can learn PHP one day too. :)

Uhm... I used to own, but I let it expire 'cause I got married. >>; Funny thing is, now I'm divorced and have a lot more time to dedicate to shrine work. Go me. D:

Nice to meet you all! ♥
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