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August SOTM: Nominations (Last one before new domain!)

Chibi (chibichan) of Eternal-Wings.net will be selecting SOTM this month.

Please submit your nominations for this month's Site of the Month award! Anyone is free to nominate any shrine. Nominators do not have to be an active members; sites do not have to be listed in Amassment to be chosen. Nominate one, nominate two, nominate multiple times! We encourage plenty of nominations to choose from! If you're not sure what sites to nominate, we do have the directory or the community sidebar for your convenience.

  • Please put each nomination in a separate comment.
  • Briefly explain why you feel that shrine should win. You're trying to convince someone to pick it!
  • You are welcome to make numerous nominations!
  • You can nominate shrines made by anyone: both members of this community as well as outside the community.
  • You can nominate the same shrine repeatedly. If yours is not picked this month, feel free to nominate it again and keep your reason exactly the same. The nomination queue is cleared each month.

Nominations will close on the 15th of this month at midnight PST, so please be sure to nominate a wonderful, deserving site before then!

Please use this form to nominate a site for SotM. Post your nomination as a comment in this entry. Comments are hidden. You can also email me your nominations.

This will be the LAST SOTM before the opening of our Amassment's domain and forums. Starting September, nominations will no longer be taken at Livejournal. There will be a new one-time nomination system where individuals submit their nominations via a form at Amassment.org. In addition to this improvement, there will also be a new forum-based rewards system for sotm participants and winners.
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