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Hello everyone! I'm Amanda, and I'm a huge fan of Amassment and its members. The web design and content of the sites listed here are exemplary; you guys have done a fantastic job creating interesting and aesthetically appealing sites, and I'm truly impressed.

I've been web designing for a number of years, and I use to make websites about anything simply so I could practice my design and coding skills. My sites inclue Angel (a shrine to Yuna of FFX), Songstress (a shrine to Lenne of FFX-2), and Dearly Beloved (a past-layout archive).

Okay, so about me? Like I said, my name is Amanda, I'm 23, a college student on my way to becoming a high school English-lit teacher, and I've dabble and practiced web design for almost ten years. This account is used for my website updates; my account where I post icons/personal journal entries is magikarp27.

I suppose that wraps it up. I can't wait to actively participate in the community, and to explore any new sites that come along the way. Take care!
Tags: !introductions

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