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Amassment move- grand opening party!

Greetings Amassment members,

You may have noticed the incredible drop in activity here, this is because we were making the transition to our own domain and forums! This move is for the best, for the past few weeks we have been testing and getting the forums up and running smoothly. It's been great! So now we are inviting you to make this move with us to board.amassment.org! All events, sotm, motm, and posts are now at the forums. Join us this weekend for the party and get a special badge for your collection a the forum!

Livejournal has been very unreliable and for most of us here (myself included) we keep LJ accounts just to keep up with amassment or other communities. We feel this transition is for the best!

Also, you will notice Amassment.org is now up! For those of you who have been in the community for a while know that this has been a long term project and we are excited to unveil it. Everything amassment related will now be at this domain. We hope you will be joining in this new chapter with us!


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