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August 2012 SOTM

Hello guys! Finally, it's time to reveal August's SOTM! :D Apologies for the delay!

Thanks a lot to the people who nominated the shrines, namely Mikari, Vii and Saya.

So, without further ado, I present you Amassment's August 2012 SOTM!

Wishing Star

A shrine to Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII by Ava

I chose Wishing Star for SOTM because it's really an amazing shrine! I have never played FFVIII, I only know the basics of the plot and characters of the game. Regardless of not having played the game, Ava's shrine to Rinoa immediately pulled me in. The shrine was truly a pleasure to read (as I think all Ava's sites are), the information was worded in a way that kept my attention all the way through the section about the site itself. It's amazing to see how much Ava loves Rinoa, by first making the shrine back in 2001 and then revamping it in 2011 -- that's 10 years and counting of love for this character and passion for shrine-making.

The section I enjoyed the most is definitely "Reflections", which has lots of interesting theories and musings about Rinoa, which perhaps will make you see this character under a new light. This shrine has lots of information about Rinoa, some of it which I think was researched by Ava especially for this shrine, to make it as complete as possible. It's clear that Ava put a lot of effort in it, and I really hope she will one day add the sections that are listed as "coming soon", because I can't wait to read more!

Mikari: Wishing Star does an amazing job at portraying the various aspects of the classic video game character Rinoa Heartilly, from Final Fantasy VIII. I especially enjoyed the information of Rinoa's appearances in media other than the game, which proves that the author went beyond just playing and studying the main game, but really got into looking for more about the character. Another section I really liked was the Reflections, it has a lot of interesting well developed theories and analysis.

Many congratulations, Ava! :D
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