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October 2012 SotM!!

Hello my dear LJ Amassment members!! :) I'm here to announce the winner for October~! :) This month's theme is "literature."


Daphne's shrine to Peeta Mellarkof The Hunger Games

Bright Eyes is a one-pager that is exquisitely designed and written. It is highly informative but also very personal and has nice humor throughout. It is definitely an amazing read that can be completed in one sitting, but it is very thorough and detailed. Not even once did I lose my interest in both the subject matter and in the writing featured on this site. This gorgeous website got me interested in the Hunger Games and I went to read it myself because of this. If that isn't proof that this website deserves to be SotM, then what is? Congratulations Daphne, your work is more than deserving of this win :)

This shrine was nominated by the lovely Ava (newtype):
"Daphne was all about The Hunger Games before the movie, and all its fabulous promotion came out. She gets brownie points for her vision alone. Her tribute to Peeta was created while the trilogy was being published. Through her writing, visitors can see Peeta through her eyes. The writing is factual, descriptive, but also filled with endearment. I particularly love the quotes she chose to emphasize. I walked away feeling like I really understood what Peeta was all about, without having to strip away any unreasonable bias. Nice work, Daph!"

Here's a big thanks to all of our nominators! They are Destinie, Yuzuki, Ava, Saya, and Jo!! :)
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