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Thank you, Amy Marie!

As some of you may know, Amy Marie (alexielnet) of alexiel.net, a member of our community, was suddenly diagnosed with adrenal cancer since the middle of last year. It was a rare type of cancer that spread to her lungs and had a 25-35% survival rate. It was shocking to see this happen so suddenly to a woman who had a lot to live for, like continuing her studies of Chinese. The 8th of this month would have been her birthday.

Not too long ago she bid us farewell on the forums, and for those who are wondering what happened to her, I'm afraid I have terrible news to give: she died on November 30, 2012 at 3:15 PM. Amy's family has decided to leave her domain alexiel.net up.

I'd like to thank Amy for all that she has done for this community and my condolences go to her loved ones. It hurts to see her life cut so tragically short. Amy was a very kind woman who was more than an inspiration to many, a longtime shrine maker, and a frequent participant of our events: she was also very understanding, creative, and determined. She was made Member of the Month of August 2011 for her contributions.

Thank you and goodbye, Amy. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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