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The Shrine Layout Swap Marathon

It's been a while, but this marathon has finally come to a close. Here are the participants that finished:

For Amy MarieFor ChrissyFor ChrissyFor Jae
By MasaoBy LoreleiBy TamisaBy Medli
For JosephineFor KotonoFor LarissaFor Masao
By MasaoBy JuhiBy ToddBy Jae
For MichelleFor SelenaFor TamisaFor Todd
By KotonoBy ChrissyBy SelenaBy Josephine
For MedliFor Medli
By Amy MarieBy Larissa

You probably will notice a couple of things. First of all, this is not the post you guys have linked on your shrines. You'll be receiving an e-mail soon explaining why, but basically things came up, and we'd appreciate if you link this post instead. Secondly, Chrissy, Masao, and I decided you guys deserve some kind of gift for this being so delayed, so we hope you enjoy your layout-matching buttons (Like you guys need more buttons, lol.), courtesy of Masao.

Remember to leave your layouts up through the duration of the summer. Through all its faults, this marathon was very successful, and a lot of really pretty layouts were made. Enjoy browsing!
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