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shrine challenge: girl mode!

Sign-ups: NOW CLOSED!!
Due: By December 31st 2009.

Let's face it, there aren't as many shrines to female personalities as there are to males. Fandom misogyny, intentional or not, is still rife across the community. When discussing the topic some months back, monophobia and I decided that the best way to combat negative attitudes in our neck of the woods was to foster positive ideas in an enjoyable manner. Translation? Let's have a female personality shrine challenge!

Perhaps you've had a female-focused shrine in the works for a while but never put it online. Maybe you've never been motivated to build a shrine dedicated to a girl before. Or you could just be looking for an opportunity to tackle something new. Whatever the case, why not click below to learn more about participating in this new community challenge? Let's stop pushing girls aside and start planning some kick-ass new shrines!

So what's the deal?

The goal of this challenge is to create shrines dedicated to female characters and personalities from all forms of media (or groups thereof). Big or small, it's up to you!

What are the rules?

1. Shrines to focus exclusively on female characters. No male character shrines will be accepted.

2. Your chosen female can be from any form of media (anime, manga, literature, film, television, music, etc.)

3. Shrines to two or more characters are allowed providing they are all female (like The Shinigami Women's Association or a magical girl team [sailor senshi, cures, etc.])

4. If you are in doubt about your chosen woman/women, please drop me (missdeep) a line in the comments so we can discuss it further.

5. Your shrine must be online within the allotted time period. You can update it after this date clearly, but the core of the shrine must be available to peruse by Nov. 30th.

6. The main focus should be on the content of the shrine - we'd love to see some engaging written content in addition to any media you can muster. A functional layout is required but it's all about the content, baby.

7. Shrines must be those created specifically for this contest. We want to increase the number of female character shrines, so revamping a pre-existing page is not allowed.

8. Fanlistings are only accepted in the form of aspects to a greater shrine. The fanlisting element cannot be the "main" component of the shrine, only an additional element.

9. It is not recommended that you tackle more than one shrine for this challenge, but if you feel super-creative then drop me a line and we can arrange something. (mail: kitajima at dragonaut dot info)

10. A submission post for completed shrines will be placed online after the sign-up period has closed. When your shrine is completed, you will be asked to submit your shrine details via this post.

What do I get out of it?

You get the chance to throw excuses aside and create a shrine dedicated to a female personality you appreciate. Isn't that awesome? All participants who complete their shrines by November 30th (in conjunction with the above rules) will also receive a banner (noting their participation) and a link button for their efforts.

So how do I sign up?

To sign up, please fill in the form below. Your comment will be screened. You will be considered a participant once your form is submitted unless otherwise notified. Sign-ups close September 30th, 2009.

That's it? But I have other questions!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in a reply to the first comment (marked "questions"), I will answer them as promptly as I can. Otherwise, direct them to me via email.

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