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December Non-Animanga SOTM

I'm very excited to be finally doing this. I still feel bad for flaking out last month, but my time has finally come! I think it's such a pleasure to be nominated or chosen for one of these awards, because it means the people you are making shrines for appreciate and enjoy all your hard work. And I'm not just saying that as your newest convert mod.

I've read through a lot of amazing shrines to come to this winner. As shidaime said, it is incredibly difficult to choose from all the great nominations. Unfortunately, as always, only one shrine can win. And the Non-Animanga shrine of the month is:

Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII

Aeryvae's Shift is truly inspired. It is a wonderful in it's originality, it's flowing prose and it's stark, yet beautiful design. While I am indifferent towards Squall as a character, I find myself absolutely drawn to and wanting to read every word about him. I loved how she used the lines of a poem to focus her essays, all of which read like a story, while managing to include some of her personal thoughts and opinions on Squall and the people around him. I really enjoyed it Aery, thanks!

Nominated by Saya: Even if Squall is, we could say, the main character of the game, I think it's actually difficult to make a shrine on him, because of his personality and how he doesn't give much information for us. But on the other side he is a challenge and I think that Aeryvae managed to keep her head up with it, and managed to actually make a beautiful shrine with lot of information and easy to read. And I especially like the navigation *O*
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