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wrap-up: v-day marathon

I was actually going to have this done last *night* and I won't go into details as to why it didn't make it, but here it is now! The final roster for the OTP shrine marathon that went on in February to March. There were a loooot of sign ups -- somewhere around the 30's but probably more -- though in the end, there were only thirteen who came through with it. I do realize that the timing of this event was very off (considering Shiori had just gotten done with a marathon and it was the middle of the semester for everyone) ... so I deeply apologize to everyone who signed up and dropped. This wasn't the best time to hold this event, haha. I myself didn't finish my OTP shrine because of life issues, so, I totally understand why plenty dropped. Anyway, without further ado (and because I had typed up a better intro but my computer decided to restart / oh windows updates!) ...

If I missed anyone, let me know: ethershroud@gmail.com xT
These are the banners I promised; you may take them if you like them and credit me
though credit is not needed. If you want to link to the marathon page, link to this LJ entry.

Special thanks to the Amassment staff, participants, and dubiousdisc (you know why♥) - I promise not to time my marathons this badly ever again! Though this is my last for a while...
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