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One Page, One Month

Since it was so successful last summer (in fact, our most popular event to date for all you Amassment trivia buffs), we have decided it would be really fun to run a one page shrine marathon again. We think it's great for encouraging new members to participate and it's also a good way to dip a toe into the world of shrining if you are still thinking about building your first. And really, what better way to spend your summer/winter holidays than to become active at an Amassment event?

This time, it's going to be a little bit different. For an additional 'challenge', we have decided to re-brand it as 'One Page, One Month'. Pretty self-explanatory, but the goal is to build a one page shrine in one month only. The event will take place from 1 July - 31 July. We think this is a fair amount of time, and hopefully with most people on vacation, you'll have plenty of spare time to participate.

  1. The shrine needs to be one page; no links to different pages please. Also, if you run a fanlisting for the subject, please keep the shrine on a separate URL altogether, not just on a fanlisting.com/info page. You can later amalgamate them, but for the purposes of this event (a shrine event, first and foremost), we would appreciate if you keep them separate for a period of time.

  2. If you sign up, you are agreeing to rise to the challenge! If you have any concerns that you may not finish on time, please refrain from signing up. We do understand that emergencies happen and in case of one we expect you to inform us as soon as possible if you will not be able to finish as a courtesy. Anyone involved in the current Live Action Marathon should carry on with that and should only sign-up for this if they feel they can handle both. However, if you feel you can finish more than one shrine, you are free to do so. The more shrines the better, right?

  3. This is a no holds barred marathon, which means any and all subjects are acceptable. We had some wonderful shrines during the last time we ran this event dedicated to film characters, anime series, books and even mythological creatures. Anything goes, so take this time to be creative!

  4. While sign-ups start in June, we would appreciate if you don't start working on your shrine until the 1st of July. You can start thinking or jotting down ideas in advance, but part of the fun is the one month time limit, so we hope you'll stick to it as much as possible.

  5. Create a 100x35 banner for your shrine, and please include a link in your completed shrine to either the Amassment Directory or the LJ Community.

  6. Please do not plug your shrine until the end of the marathon! Look out for a separate submission post for your completed shrines near the end of the event. The shrines will be revealed altogether as a lovely button wall and all be added to the Amassment directory.

  7. Have fun! What's an event without fun?

To sign up, please fill in this form and post it as a comment (all comments are screened). I'll send a reply to each participant Please put down an email address you check; I'll be sending reminders when it gets near the due date.

As we have stated above, if you decide to drop out, please contact me. You can reply to this post, send me a contact form or PM me, whichever is easiest. We expect either a completed shrine or a notification otherwise at the end of July. Sorry to press so hard on this point, but this has been a problem in the past and we'd like to curb it now.

If you have any questions at all, please ask them as a reply to the first comment so that everyone can benefit from your question.

Thanks for reading and we hope you participate!
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